Jury Member

Jury Chair
Sadia Harper

UX strategist

Sadia Harper has spent more than 10 years exploring how people interact with products and experience and the world around them. Her career in design began at Crate & Barrel where she created physical retail environments as a store designer. She shifted to the digital space at YouTube where she explored user trends and created branded content experiences, and at Intel where she lead the UX development of their wireless charging initiative.

As a Strategist at Sterling Brands, Sadia developed brand and marketing strategies for companies like Google, YouTube and Facebook to help differentiate both their positioning and their product vision. Sadia has spent the most recent years focusing on UX research and strategy. Her work at Collective Health, fuseproject, and currently Instagram, is centered around uncovering user insights and creating a UX vision that unites design, product, and marketing in creating meaningful experiences that transform the people they come in contact with.

Her broad practice in design is impressive, ranging from video and story-telling to complex products and services, she is at the center of the digital economy while still maintaining a unique perspective on how design impact’s people’s lives at scale. These are reasons we are confident that she will be an incredible a guiding voice for our upcoming Jury.


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