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Bruno Ropu Rovagnati - SVP, Managing Director, LATAM Mariano Jeger - VP, Executive Creative Director Florencia Pereyra - Executive Client Services Director Diego Gueler Montero and Sebastián “El Chino” Graccioli - Creative Directors Federico González - Experience Designer Guillermo Lizarzuay - Design Director Christian “Amish Bueno” Leal and Sebastián “Amish Malo” Higueret - Creative Team Adrián Somoza - Senior Visual Designer Andrés Pagella - Technology Director Fernando Draghi, Nicolas Schteinschraber - Senior Software Engineers Facundo Campi - Senior QA Engineer Natalia Nenadovit - Executive Production Director Rosario Dobroevic - Producer Julieta Zajaczkowski - Sr. Producer Content Studio Guillermina Ortiz - Producer Content Studio Julián Vey - Video Editor Content Studio Bomba Cine + R/GA BA - Film Production Nahuel Varela, Federico Castro - Direction, Bomba Cine Florencia de Mugica - Production, Bomba Cine Salmón Osado - Music Casa Kiev - Post-Production


Powerchair football is soccer for people in motorized wheelchairs.The Argentine team trains only once a month due to costly and difficult logistics. Training requires a large space with a smooth floor, and the athletes have to bring their sport chair as well as their everyday chair.

We created VR Power Trainer, a virtual reality platform that empowers players to train anywhere.Using human-centered design and input from the players, we built a virtual gymnasium where they can practice anytime.



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