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Concept / Student


Ezgi Sabir


“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” – Muriel Rukeyser, Poet.

Everything in the world has already been discovered. But for a child, that’s not actually true, everything has to be discovered from the start.

Today, urban children are spending time indoors more than ever before. Parents and educators are concerned that young children are not using their senses actively and don’t have enough possibilities for explorative learning. Current play experiences invite children to look at new, fictional worlds, which causes them to stop using their wild imagination. With this project I wanted to ask, instead of providing new things for children to look at, what if we could equip the children with new ways to see and explore the world with?

PEEK & BOOK is a play set that transforms the outside into an imaginary playground to children. PEEK is a capturer tool that invites children to explore the outside, record audio and visual snippets, and build stories around them. It comes together with a physical book which triggers child’s imagination through guided explorations and allows the child to keep the stories they created.

Through tangible play, PEEK & BOOK aims to engage children’s senses, stimulate their imaginations and allow them to create beautiful storytelling from natural elements. It also challenges the current play experiences by encouraging children to be curious and inviting self-expression from them.



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