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Chloe Fong


Encuro Blocks: Visualising the unseen

Depression is the silent epidemic that affects 1 in 5 teens. Statistically, you or someone close to you has suffered from depression, but unlike a physical illness, and often mistaken for teenage angst, it is invisible and many people suffer alone. Depression and anxiety can make everyday tasks such as getting out of bed or household chores very difficult. The difficult part is knowing when and how to ask for help, as many people feel too ashamed to reach out.

Encuro blocks can help visualize the unseen, by allowing you to communicate your problems without having to say the words.

All you need to do, is tag each block with a problem using the app. Add big problems to big blocks, medium problems to medium blocks, and small problems to small ones.

With a simple tap, your problem gets stored into a block. Once you’re done, you can build them however you want. This structure can be placed for your friends and family to find, they can scan the blocks with an NFC enabled smartphones to discover what is bothering you.

If are more comfortable with an online approach, you can explore how others tackled similar problems, and get helpful tips and advice all on the app.

When each block is solved, remove it from your structure and and watch your problems shrink! Some things may seem very hard alone, but with a little help, the problems can be tackled together.

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