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Evgeny Belyaev - CEO Thomas Gläser - Head of User Experience Manuela Schößer - Head of Marketing Maryna Grechko - Product Manager Evgeniy Andreev - QA Engineer Alexey Bykov - Software Developer Darja Chembrovskaya - Software Developer Ben Creasey - Social Media & Content Manager Zufar Fakhurtdinov - Software Developer Stefan Filff - Interaction Designer 3D & VR Simon Franz - 3D Artist Iris Heimerl - Office Manager Igor Ilyin - Intern Nikolai Inkatov - Product Marketing Manager Pavel Kakolin - Software Developer Svetlana Kulikova - Software Developer Xaver Loeffelholz von Colberg - Interaction Designer 3D & VR Daniel Marques do Oiteiro - Graphic & Motion Designer Mikhail Medvinskiy - Software Developer Vadim Pakhnushev - Software Developer Vlada Petysh - QA Engineer Kirill Pilyugin - Intern Kirill Prazdnikov - Software Developer Elena Renn - Graphic & Motion Designer Ilya Shkuratov - Intern Benjamin Singh - Frontend Developer Ilya Yatsyshin - Software Developer Ruslan Zabrodin - Software Engineer Dmitry Zyryanov - Intern


Throughout most areas of the education sector, we see very little room for self expression or creativity unless you look towards artistic courses like music or literature. These courses are synonymous with creativity and self expression, but what about other topics in the curricular? Why can’t students be expressive or creative with math, science and the like? In today’s society, and with a huge emphasis on digital literacy and the 21st century learning skills, why hasn’t there ever been the option to work creatively with every course?

CoSpaces Edu opens up a completely new digital world where self expression and creativity is as important as everything else being taught. The virtual stage that is provided by CoSpaces Edu allows students to unleash an unlimited amount of potential! The web-based platform and it’s library of objects, coupled with flexible building blocks and the ability to program your creations easily enables everyone’s imaginations to really take control. This can take users to extreme lengths, allowing them to explore their own ideas and bring their creations to life within VR. There are no set rules with CoSpaces Edu; it is an open platform, built with few limitations, so that creativity can be set free and users can dive into worlds they could have only ever dreamt of. Classroom features allow for guidelines and limitations to be set by teachers to guide students towards constructive self criticism and encourages logical thought process, but overall enlightens users to be imaginative and expressive with their designs. It challenges frequent out of date materials, such as textbooks, in order to motivate and capture a truly individual expression of creativity. Teachers can share their assignments throughout the edu-community to keep up to date with requirements of the modern school curriculum, boosting classroom skills in the area of digital literacy worldwide.

The library comes packed with objects from animals to pirates, and household furniture to sports characters, as well as flexible building blocks that can be combined to create your own models. Virtual worlds can be programmed and given interactions with Blockly, a visual tool specifically designed for ease of use amongst younger coders, or even (Type- &) JavaScript. CoSpaces Edu encourages users to be creative in the classroom, which in itself is the greatest form of self expression.



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