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Jocelyn Birsch, Caleigh Kimberley, Mary Lynch, Lucy McIntosh, Mark Lloyd Ruck, Mikki Pham, Rakesh Bikkumandla, Sebastien Jouhans, Ben Minton, Cris Mascort, Igor Pancaldi, Sergi Perez, Benjamin Brown, Alex Wills, Lucio Rufo, Russell Norris, Daniel Saxton


Stevanato Group and their subsidiary, Spammi, make industry-leading pharmaceutical engineering equipment.  The N.A.M. (Needle Assembly Machine) is the most advanced machine of its kind, creating syringes for medical use and significantly reducing costs for customers. The problem is that it weighs 7 tons, takes 9 months to install, and can only operate within a sterile environment. This means you can’t see the process up close or how the machine functions.

For the 2016 Innovation Summit in Venice, Stevanato wanted an entirely new way to market their latest machine and position the company as pioneers in the digital landscape. Stevanato turned to Virtual Reality to create a fully immersive experience that would let users step inside the N.A.M. needle machine.

Using the pre-release HTC Vive platform, we took the enormous N.A.M. digital blueprints and imported them directly into the Unity Development Environment. Our Tech, XD, and Brand Design teams created ‘gaze-triggered’ hotspots and a wayfinding system to guide customers through the experience. We animated the entire machine right down to the smallest detail, showing how each syringe rotates on its own axis when it’s being checked for imperfections.

For the first time ever, customers were able to explore the entire live production line, and hundreds of customers and leading figures from the pharma industries tried out the VR product demo for themselves at the Innovation Summit.  Potential buyers could see the complex operations from just millimeters away and explore the intricate moving parts of the product before purchase.

We’ve transformed the design, marketing and sales of industrial medical machinery. The N.A.M. VR experience helps the pharmaceutical industry move faster; instead of waiting 6-9 months for a functioning prototype, customers can step straight inside the N.A.M. machine to see exactly how it works and exactly how they want to customize it.  This has simplified the process for manufacturers and customers to optimize and evolve their products.


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