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uGrow is a Digital Parenting Platform that provides expert support and personalized advice to support baby’s healthy development.
There is a paradigm shift in parenting. Parents are increasingly connected and millennials seek new routes for advice, with 75% of new parents turning to their mobile first for advice. uGrow enlightens them on some of the challenges of parenting, making sense of data to give their baby a voice.

uGrow explained:
Designed to provide expert support throughout the parenting journey, uGrow is a mobile app, connected to devices and services that combine into a complete digital platform to provide unique, personalized insights into baby’s development and milestones.
A medically certified (class 1) digital service, it guides and supports parents with information and insights based on their baby’s needs and behaviors. These are discerned through an ecosystem of uGrow connected products and devices.
•    uGrow understands: Data is captured through trackers and connected devices
•    uGrow reassures: Based on the unique data of the baby parents receive meaningful insights and relevant content matching the age and context of their child.
•    uGrow celebrates: Memorable moments can be captured through photos and milestone stickers which are saved on a central timeline.
•    uGrow remembers: To identify feeding and sleeping patterns and correlations parents can consult graphs and spot possible problem areas or share these with their pediatrician or midwife.
•    uGrow is built onto the Philips Health Suite Digital Platform (HSDP) providing absolutely secure and medically certified data storage for all baby’s data.

How it was developed:
•    Design working in a close collaboration with the development team, co-located at least 2-3 days a week
•    Design work according to the SAFe method (Scaled AGILE framework). Design actively engage on product ownership, supporting prioritization and working in sprints.
•    Design initiated the concept of super sprint to address market and user feedback
•    Continual testing: usability testing, home placement tests, iterative feedback loops. Closed BETA to open BETA launch structure.
•    Design own UX runway, prototyping key features to support value stream.

This makes the design innovative and unique:
•    uGrow is Human: Babies are much more than a set of data points. We track & visualize and provide insights on your baby in a way that is relevant & easy to understand.
•    uGrow is Relevant: Content is offered and triggered related to parent / baby behaviors as well as age and stage of development. We keep it simple and contextually relevant, avoiding that parents get lost in complex and deep screen structures.
•    uGrow is Meaningful: We know that parents love to collect milestones, but that its tricky to organize. uGrow automatically captures key milestones and the UX supports parents to capture their own with photos and stickers, with a unique timeline that automatically generates a memory.


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