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Marco Paglia, Jacob Zukerman, Reed Morse, Ken Conley, Matthias Grundmann, Andy Poes, John Gregg


After MotionStills launched, we had so many ‘thank you’ emails from our users. Here is one:

“My wife and I rarely record video of our 6-month-old son, and a Motion Stills video created from a Live Photo taken on the day he was born caused my wife to tear up because she had forgotten what his newborn cries sounded like.
Just wanted to express our gratitude for making this heartwarming moment possible — thank you!”

This application has opened the eyes of ‘typical’ users, who finally see how is and at the same time powerful a video can be.

Looking at Instagram, the #motionstills tag has entered as part of people’s vocabulary and some really amazing artifacts are shared every day.

This application also demonstrates the art of simplicity in how to approach a project and innovate. The team behind it is really small, and so it’s the application. MotionStills doesn’t ‘reinvent the wheel’, but simply tries to become part of our users’ routine by simply adding value to their existing most typical behavior, which is taking photos. It delivers an experience that has been truly beloved by our users and the press because it’s a humble, simple, yet really powerful experience.


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