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As a species of creators, builders, and problem solvers, every day we employ tools that help us in our work, play, communication, and expression.  Computing devices and applications are two of these kinds of tools — two that have recently transformed almost every aspect of our lives.

But even with the rapid growth in the technology space, it’s often easy to imagine the limits of “what’s possible” as somehow fixed by the limitations of the technology and tools we have available to us.

Every few years, however, there’s a shift in devices and software that changes what we imagine is possible.  These shifts cause disruption, but more importantly, they empower people by facilitating new ideas and discoveries.

We see the next technological shift as one that allows people to move freely through the world, interacting with high-definition digital 3D holograms without controllers or wires.  We believe it will change the way we work, play, express ourselves, and communicate with each other, empowering us to perceive the world differently and deepening our relationships to other people, places, and things.  As a team, we’ve worked for years to make this next shift happen faster, and make world-locked holograms a reality for users and developers.

From sensors to sound effects, HoloLens was driven by user’s needs.  The software, content, and hardware choices we made were designed to put the best aspects of this technology into the hands of as many people as possible as fast as we possibly could.

New tools always create new opportunities, empowering people to move in new directions and discover new passions.   We believe HoloLens and Windows Holographic are tools that will facilitate new opportunities for many, far beyond what see even today.


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