Face Maker for Android Wear

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Shaun Tollerton - Designer, Jose-Manuel Villanueva - UX Designer, Avalon Hu - UX Designer, Eduardo Oliveira - Designer


In a world where the ability to personalize everything from your phone background to your shoe laces is a direct reflection of your mood, character, and more, the ability to easily individualize what you wear is paramount.

Face Maker is new approach to personalizing the aesthetics of Android Wear watch faces. With a focus on personalization rather than customization, Face Maker is a curated, on-the-go experience that makes it impossible to create a bad watch face.

With no phones or computers necessary, Face Maker is a first of its kind, frictionless experience that allows anyone and everyone the ability to create beautiful, personalized watch faces on the move. Using only their Android Wear watch, users start with one of two base designs: Classic or Trio. From there, they can personalize colors, hands, numerals, and more, simply by swiping and tapping.

Between the two aesthetics, there are over 2,800 designs possible.

“Expressing” is the perfect category for Face Maker to shine since it completely re-imagines not only the idea of personalized watch faces, but how users create them: It’s quick, simple, fun, and results in a stunningly beautiful expression of one’s personality and creativity, every time.


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