The New Eurosport Player: Putting the live sports viewing experience first

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Felipe Memoria, Andre Cunha, Hugo Albönete, Chris Willet, Seth Terpstra, Victor Abrantes, Nelson Kontogom

Project Description

Eurosport is the largest provider of sports content in Europe and streams on more devices than any other channel, in 54 countries and 24 languages. Eurosport partnered with us to reimagine the sport viewing experience.

Our user research revealed that engaging with sports is really about the live experience. Sports are an exception to the trend in user behavior toward video on demand usage. So the player’s design solution is centered around one core goal: putting the live sports viewing experience first.

We also learned that sports fans have an insatiable desire for supporting content. They crave features like the ability to choose their own camera angle, select a specific replay, or check statistics. But they don’t want to leave the event to do these things. So the redesigned player integrates second-screen content directly over the video, so users never have to compromise the live event.

We innovated on several core aspects of the sports watching experience. For example, we use anticipatory design techniques to keep the UI invisible until the user needs it. For simplicity’s sake, we decided to isolate parts of the menu and show more details only on rollover (the icons are a good example). At the same time, the feature set is deceptively powerful, allowing users to quickly access statistics on their favorite players, check the schedule of upcoming events, easily navigate across event highlights, and select different camera angles.

Today’s sports fans want the opportunity to watch live from any place–on any device–so we designed a comprehensive cross-platform solution. The player is now available on desktop, mobile, and tablet for iOS and Android, and will launch soon on Xbox One and 360, Connected TVs from Samsung, Panasonic and LG, Amazon Fire TV, and Windows phones and tablets.

The new Eurosport player successfully captures the massive shift in mobile device usage to create and support millions of more loyal, obsessed sports fans across Europe. With Eurosport, watching live is now first and foremost, as it should be.


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