The Imagination Machine



Production / Professional


Tellart, W+K Amsterdam

Project Description

S7 Airlines flies to over 900 destinations in partnership with oneworld.

To inspire Russians to go out there and explore the wonders of our world, we launched a unique interactive project. We allowed people to fly to the place of their dreams using only the power of their imagination, and turned their brains into game controllers using neurotechnology. If participants were able to steer a mind-controlled virtual plane to their dream destination, then S7 Airlines would actually fly them there.

Set in a busy Moscow mall, the Imagination Machine drew large crowds of observers and participants. Participants were first ushered to a calibration station that introduced them to the use of concentration as a game controller. After asking the user to choose their dream destination, we mounted an EEG biosensor on their head and showed them an iconic image of the destination they’ve picked. The participant had 30-seconds to concentrate on that picture, imagine their dream destination and practice their concentration. During calibration the image went in and out of focus according to the participant’s level of concentration.

After calibration, the participant was guided to a chair in front of a 2-meter projection mapped globe. As soon as the game started, two paths appeared on the globe: one ideal direct path to the destination, and one that followed the data of the participant’s level of concentration. A meter around the plane gave participants real time feedback on how focused he or she was. The more the participant was able to concentrate on their dream destination, the closer the virtual plane would stick to the ideal flight path.

If the participant was able to stay focused for 45-seconds of gameplay and guide their plane to the destination, they won a round trip ticket to the actual destination. Everyone playing the game received 5,000 S7 Priority air miles.

The Imagination Machine automatically took a picture of every participant at their highest level of their concentration during the game. The resulting image was overlaid with a curve showing the participant’s brainwave data, and was sent straight to their email account.

There were hundreds of participants, and fifty total winners. The experience was documented in a film, and after one week, garnered 1.3+ million film views and 82+ million earned media views. 4,500 people signed up for the loyalty program on the day of the event, and S7 received a 20% increase in online bookings.


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