SimPlay: The Future of Medical Simulation

Oslo School of architecture and designNorway


Concept / Student


Valeria Gaitan

Project Description

Today the feedback given by simulation instructors to trainees is based on observation and opinions that will variate from professional to professional.

This tool is a software innovation in Laerdal’s current video debriefing system, which collects data and then conveys it visually to show the faults and strengths on the performance and behaviour of the team during the scenario.

Data regarding:

– Motion tracking of individuals and Medical equipment distribution (Together this data conveys distribution of tasks, among participants, during the scenario)

– Closed loop communication missed or achieved (medical language that consists on confirming what one heard before executing the procedure).

This solution optimise the current medical simulation process, by setting guidelines to enrich the dialog during the debriefing session, it points at specific areas of improvement and allows the instructor to give more appropriate and concrete feedback.

In addition, SimPlay is also an online platform that allows simulation instructors to upload valuable simulation videos, with its respective data recorded with the system, in order to share the knowledge with other hospitals within the same country or even
around the world.

In conclusion, SimPlay optimises the current process of medical simulation, but at the same time it also optimises the process of collecting valuable material (via the platform) to provide insight on the right way of solving different medical cases.


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