R/GA + Owlet Baby CareUnited States


Production / Professional


Ethan Parker, Micheal Bunn, Zack Bomsta, Ashleigh Davidson, Ben Lee, Jake Colvin, Kurt Workman, Jordan Monroe, Westin Dangerfield, Colleen Harlan, Jesse Green, Karen Bonna-Rainert, Gaurabh Mathure, Pon Kattera, Sean Miller, Yael Cesarkas, Aaron Pollick, Jonathan Bradley, Stephen Plumlee, Nick Coronges, Richard Ting

Project Description

Owlet is a simple, easy-to-use baby sock that includes wearable and removable electronics using the safe, reliable hospital technology of Pulse Oximetery to measure the oxygen saturation in infants’ blood and to detect heart rates. Owlet identified Pulse Oximetery as the common and fundamental hospital technology used to illustrate a patient’s heart rate and oxygen levels. We have taken hospital technology and made it accessible to the public by making it 1/100th the size and 1/10th the cost – keeping it wireless,wearable, and functionable.

Rather than creating another wearable to quantify personal fitness, we created an intuitive and simple product designed to let new parents know their newborn is healthy and safe. The wearable monitor easily and wirelessly transmits the baby’s vital signs to a smartphone app. The app displays vital data, shares tips, instructional setup and troubleshooting information. Mobile accessibility also enables parents to dig deeper into health data and product information details.

Owlet provides parents with a peace of mind, through education and information as well as with a tool to validate and deliver routing health readings. The product and app doesn’t just deliver numbers, but helps parents feel comfortable with what the data is telling them. Simplicity, comfort and trust are all vital parts of the brand and equally manifests within the product design. Owlet developed an innovative product by taking complex hospital technology and made it simpler for consumers to get real value from it.


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