Central Saint Martins, UALUnited Kingdom


Concept / Student


Lloyd Pitt

Project Description

Narratives explores people’s relationship with the digital world. With ubiquitous access to massive online databases of content, how does this affect our feelings of meaning and value? Collaborating with psychologists, it promotes a healthy and mindful way of making parts of out digital lives more tangible and precious.

Narratives is about giving users a blank space to reflect and reminisce, in an age of information overload and social comparison. Creating crafted personal stories (a process which is psychologically proven to promote optimism, social comparison, self-esteem and meaning of life) in a way which is tangible and unique.

The project is all about creating a canvas for users to create narratives across their physical and digital worlds. Each spread of the journal is printed with a unique set of conductive ink markings, which through the bookmark, can connect seamlessly with users digital world. Any smart device can be used to access and manage the digital collection attached to each story. Through APIs, the application supports pulling together the users digital world, so that each story can be illustrated and made more evocative.

Overtime the journal grows into a meaningful physical trigger of different stories, each one a self-expression of personal memory. It shows a more embedded type of technology, making an interaction which is more invisible, promoting the creation of meaningful narratives of content independent of technology.


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