Mr. Piggy – Your Pet Piggy Bank

National Institute of Design, IndiaIndia


Concept / Student


Sreyan Ghosh

Project Description

Mr. Piggy is a product that not only reimagines what a piggy bank could be like, it most importantly tries to keep the essence of a piggy bank the same. Through adding behaviours to an otherwise static product, Mr. Piggy becomes more than a piggy bank…it tries to become a pet. Looking into the usages of a traditional piggy bank, one hardly finds it in suitable in context in today’s world especially when the concept of money is increasing trying to become virtual/plastic. Mr. Piggy is the transformation of a traditional piggy bank in sync with the transformation of money from cash to plastic. It redefines the usage of a piggy bank from being just a static depository of money to something much more engaging and personal to a kid. Through simple interactions and behaviours, Mr. Piggy is able to passively invoke an emotional connection of a pet with the kid that encourages him/her to take care of it. And it is through the advantage of this connection that the product is able to make with the kid so easily that it is able to encourage the kid to save more and more money thus keeping him happy and healthy.


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