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Suzy Thompson, Chris Noessel, Jason Csizmadi, Dan Winterberg, Cale LeRoy

Project Description

There are 2.7 million obese children in the USA (http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/childhood.html). Children who are overweight have very few tools to help them be in control of their life.

There are a few in-person programs that focus on children, but they rely heavily on maintaining a written food diary and cost thousands of dollars. Unlike other adult-oriented tools that focus on calorie-counting, which can be dangerous for children, Kurbo is a comprehensive program designed to empower and encourage kids to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Using participatory and persuasive design techniques, Cooper helped Kurbo design a mobile app that made it simple, fast, and easy for kids to track their food. This completely opens up accessibility to management tools to any child with access to a smartphone and a few minutes.

After the 3 month trial period, 85% of kids were successful in reducing their Body Mass Index (BMI) and over 90% continued on with the program.


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