Kalaka-Home energy management application

SAP, Design & Co-innovation LabUnited States


Production / Professional


Ge Cao, Kejia Shao, Esther Wolff

Project Description

Utility companies have long been blamed by their customers for poor experience and unreasonable pricing. A lot people are trying to improve the experience from customers perspective. However, utility companies have their difficulties that no one knows as well. This problem is not a single facet one.

Our approach is trying to understand the whole landscape of the problem and come up with a solution that provides mutual or multi benefits to stakeholders. By interviewing with customers, utility experts and representatives from energy companies, we are able to have a deep understanding of the context. Through solid analysis and synthesis, we are able to come up with systematic solution for solving the problem. Last but not least, we embed edging technologies to make sure that it is feasible in the field and will grow in the future. By all the elements mentioned above, we are confident that this project will help to build a “healthier” relationship between customers and utility companies.

At the end of the day, by fostering the relationship, this project will help to save energy and money which mean a lot to customers, utility companies and the whole human society.


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