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Thordur Arnason, Joachim Svela, Niina Koskela, Bernard Thibault Tømmerbakke, Carl Lundblad, Thomas Haug, Quyen Nguyen

Project Description

The Norwegian Defence Estate Agency (NDEA) took over responsibility for housing and quartering Military personell January 1st 2015, services earlier provided by the Armed Forces directly.
The project addressed three clear user needs, all existing services with existing users and processes/services for delivery.

1.    Applying for permanent housing
2.    Finding and booking short-term quarters
3.    Reporting problems or faults at Military property

The project vastly improved these services and addressed both the end user needs and radically optimized the service delivery processes. This was done using Service Design as an approach, involving the end user in the design process and ultimately creating digital services with superior user experiences.

Key improvements:
–    The time a user spent on the housing application process went from three hours to six minutes.
–    The error-rate in the application process is reduced to close to zero.
–    Booking and paying for quarters is now done from any device, anywhere, delivering a great user experience.
–    The time used by coordinators handling bookings is greatly reduced, optimizing the process from 27 manual steps to one click.
–    Reporting problems and issues is now done from any device and directly from the user discovering the issue. NDEA is able to deliver a much better service.

All in all we feel that this project is a strong candidate for the Optimizing category.


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