Abstract_ customization in fashion

Kolding School of DesignDenmark


Concept / Student


Julie Helles Eriksen, Bjørn Karmann, Kristine Boesen

Project Description

Abstract_ is a concept that shows a new way to design and produce fashion.

We believe we are living in a society where expressing your personal and unique story is a part of you creating your identity. We see a growing interest for personal products as well as authentic experiences in our hunt for creating us self. Customization is a way where we as customers today can be a part of the designprocess and through this designing and creating our identity. Customization is a trend we see in many product fields but especially in apparel and footwear design. What we are wearing is a powerful way to express our personality and style.

With Abstract_ customers are involved in the design process by generating patterns from their own personal stories. They write a text, a story or anything into our web design tool, which analyzes what, the customer writes and how it is written and transforms this data into a visual representation of the abstract. The webcam will analyze the facial expression and let this data influence the color of the pattern. We will transform the customer’s personal pattern into a textile and a unique piece of garment and by designing your garments through Abstract_ you write your story into the cloth you wear and what you express.

Also on a higher level there might be something to gain for the world in making more personal products. If we buy products we have a stronger emotional connecting to, we might care more for the products and keep them for a longer period. This can lead to a more sustainable and conscious way of using materials and producing garments.


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