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Olen Ronning, Andy Camp, Mariano Martinez III, Aaron Trostle, Ankur Patel, Rob Girling, Gavin Kelly, Martijn van Tilburg

Project Description

Creative teams work best when they can build on each other’s ideas. But those ideas are spread across files, discussions whiteboards, folders, and in each team member’s head. In the ever-faster pursuit of innovation, keeping content and ideas organized and facilitating the feedback needed to make decisions is increasingly difficult, especially as the project grows in scale and complexity.

The key to turning ideas into innovative solutions is to pull the content, feedback, and decisions together in the most cohesive way possible. But many teams lack the structure needed to do this efficiently.

In fact, a 2013 Forrester report found that 44% of business and IT decision-makers did not have a structured innovation process or procedure. 10,000ft Insights seeks to add structure to often-ambiguous creative work by bringing both the content and the thinking together – to keep the ‘what’ with the ‘why’ – so that people can stay on the same page and make informed decisions.

We focused on simplicity and usability for all interactions. You can drag-and-drop images and other files and easily add notes from brainstorms as you go, then group like-ideas together to keep everything organized. The built-in design thinking tools help teams take their ideas further by providing instant structure to the creative process, and creating a platform that let’s everyone add unbiased feedback and analysis. Each Thinking Tool generates data that is synthesized using our patent-pending inference engine to give you a visual representation of your analysis and potential outcomes.

Early adopters of 10,000ft Insights have benefited not only from its ideation and analysis tools, but have found it to be an effective communication aid as well. “10,000ft Insights helped us visually communicate not only the final outcome, but also the methodology and reasoning that lead us to that outcome,” commented James Senior, VP of Product at Ratio, a Seattle-based design agency and early Beta user.

As more organizations continue to see the value of an iterative, design-driven approach to problem solving, the need for a structured innovation process will be paramount. 10,000ft Insights provides an unparalleled approach to the creative process, and fills the gab between the creative output and the thinking that came before it.


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