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Pete Favat, Winston Binch, Mathias Appelblad, David Kim, Andy Hsu, Pelun Chen, Nathan Iverson, Marcus Silva, Jun Ikeya, Desmond Hsu, Kathy Hepinstall, Carrie Talick, Tim Shin, David Tanimoto, Vince Ku, Luis Vellanoweth, Jeremiah Dapkey, Mike Hildreth, Adam Sant, Fred Leveau, David Chen, Eugene Park, Cory Roth, Pam Scheideler, Melissa Eccles, Lauren Brown, Shaunt Halebian, Ilana Reiser, Trevor O’Brien, Nick Velloff, Brian Jeremy, Marc Gowland, Justice Erolin, Sean Klosky, Sean Schricker, Jason Clark, David Cai, Jeremy Bunting, Neseem Ishaq, Sam Kite, Karl Pablo, Taylor Loftin, Tatiana Kazantseva, Greg Parsons, Bill Delrieu, Jim Kohatsu, Juliet Scott, Rachel Connelly, Chris Suchy, Daniel Du, Tito Goldstein, James Chacon, Judy Zhou, Christian Johansson, Carter Blackwood, Sal Gonzales, Edie Chae, Chris Brown, Lauren Barrocas, Tom Else, John Deschner, Kristie Weston, Ian Phillips, Kris Morrison, Jeffrey Blish, Susie Lyons, Bud Caddell, Tessa Bodey, Margarita Ballesteros

Project Description

Most automaker sites are glorified car brochures. Car configurators don’t help you find your dream car. They let you build a digital car that may or may not exist, then send you to dealerships with fingers crossed. The new vw.com is a complete reinvention of the automaker website. It’s a shopping-focused experience designed to get shoppers to fall in love with a car, then help them find the real thing nearby. By focusing primarily on inventory, we have created a unique branded car-shopping experience that’s user-centric, informative, and memorable.


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