Treasures from Korea



Production / Professional


Josh Goldblum: Creative Director, Troy Lachance: UX Designer, Aaron Miller: Producer, Victoria Jones: Producer, Stacey Martens: Developer, Theresa Decker: Designer, Aaron Richardson: Animator, Wyatt Glennon: Animator

Project Description

Bluecadet collaborated with the Philadelphia Museum of Art to create three custom touchscreen experiences that bring the Joseon dynasty’s artistic legacy to life. The Royal Protocols Interactive invites visitors to virtually page through a rare Royal Protocols book. At the Ten Symbols of Longevity Interactive, visitors can step up to a 42-inch touchscreen that illuminates one of the exhibition’s most striking objects: a large, ornate folding screen featuring meaningful symbols. The Hangeul Writing Interactive enables visitors to learn and write their English names in the Hangeul alphabet and leave with a keepsake printed card, digitally drawn in their own hand.


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