The Eventbrite Seat Designer for Reserved Seating Events



Production / Professional


Eventbrite Registration & Ticketing Team UX Architects: Jason Bayly & Melissa Cooper, Product Designers: Tom Censani & Kyle Crumrime & Joshua Price, Engineering Directors: Shigeki Hirose & Jon Bastin, Front End Engineers: Alex Roberts & Parris Khachi, QA Engineer: Nicole Lucas, Project Manager: Scott Stenback

Project Description

The seat designer is a rich interactive web based seat map and ticket creation management tool. It enables Eventbrite organizers to design and manage their own seat maps, set a selling order, create and assign tickets for any reserved seating events they host. The project aims to open up and disrupt the reserved seating event market by enabling organizers to take control of their own seated events.

The seat designer extends our existing event creation product by allowing the addition of a seat map to an event where attendees are assigned a seat when purchasing a ticket.


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