eOSCE – Examinations People Like

Institut für Software, HSR Hochschule für Technik RapperswilCH


Production / Professional


Kevin Gaunt, Sebastian Hunkeler, Philippe Zimmermann, Stephan Schallenberger, Felix Schmitz, Markus Stolze

Project Description

In Switzerland, doctors now use iPads to evaluate the skills of every graduating medical student in the country. eOSCE is the examination system that has made it convenient to plan, run and evaluate these medical examinations. Removing paper from the process made it possible for organizers to deal with exceptional situations as they arrive, rather than rescheduling the exam at great expense. Doctors report to be significantly less stressed during the exam and make 10 times fewer grading errors. That means students now receive more accurate evaluations and the results are available in minutes instead of days.


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