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Most people think accounting is a pain, so they avoid it, causing more pain.

When people love their accounting software it has a huge impact on their business, their life, and ultimately the economy as a whole.

Xero is designed to remove complexity, making common tasks super simple and obvious. Because it’s easy and they enjoy it, people using Xero are much more aware of their financial situation.

Xero is also designed for collaboration. With Xero, businesses and their accountants share a real-time view of the finances. This gives small businesses unprecedented visibility of their daily cashflow, so they can respond quickly and make better business decisions. By having shared access, accountants help businesses spot problems and opportunities as they happen. Accountants can now do this on a much larger scale, handling more clients at longer distances, much more efficiently and effectively.

Xero has radically changed the way both small businesses and accountants work.


When you talk with business owners and accountants it’s obvious that cashflow is key to their success or failure.

But badly designed software makes it difficult to understand your financial situation. And traditional accounting software doesn’t focus on cashflow – it focuses on tax compliance. Paying taxes is not why people run a business.

Xero lets you see your cashflow in real-time by automatically connecting all your bank accounts, processing your transactions for you, as they happen.

The Xero dashboard shows you all your bank balances, invoices, bills and expenses at-a-glance. Add new transactions with a click. Interactive graphs show money going in & out, and the watchlist lets you monitor specific accounts.

Xero automates common tasks, simplifies data entry, and makes your financial performance obvious and up-to-date. Business owners and their advisors work on the same financial information in real-time without the need to share a computer or exchange conflicting data files.

Xero is accessed online, so it requires no software installation, no up-front costs and no maintenance. Every enhancement to Xero is free and available instantly to all customers.


Most people think accounting is a pain, so they avoid it, causing more pain.

People are discovering with Xero, accounting can be fun – even addictive. Because it’s easy and they enjoy it, people using Xero are much more aware of their financial situation – they can avoid problems and take action when it matters, not months after the fact, when it’s too late.

Everyday people tweet about Xero and the impact it’s having:

Waiting for hair cut so pumped out some bank reconciliations #xerochangedmylife #xero

Wish I had more stuff to put into @Xero. It is actually fun doing the books.

Music to an accountants ear when a client is getting excited abt doing the biz books thank you @xero

More tweets http://xero.com/tweets

Ryan Carson of Carsonified “We use Xero and I freaking love it. The scary truth is I didn’t truly understand our Balance Sheet or P&L until we switched recently. Since we moved from QuickBooks to Xero, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about what actually makes our company valuable and what really affects our profitability.” http://thinkvitamin.com/business/creatives-know-your-numbers/


People enjoy playing with money (eg Monopoly, video games, lotto) and they love their business, so we believe their accounting software should be a joy to use. Our bank reconciliation – the most frequently used feature and key to cashflow – is designed to be like Tetris: a stack of matching items you clear away row-by-row. More about that here http://www.slideshare.net/turntable/designing-a-game-changer

We focus on information heirarchy – giving greatest weight to primary data and key actions. Our screens are data rich, yet easy on the eye. We guide people through the task at hand with visual cues and ample white space. We use relatively big, brightly colored buttons, with big target areas that standout. We deliberately minimize the number of options in our menus – making Xero much more approachable and less overwhelming than traditional accounting systems.

Our entire product development process centers on rapid prototyping. We use a technique called “screenflows” – simulated walk-thrus of a person using the software. Screenflows let us simulate complex user scenarios and iterate our solution with unprecedented speed & quality.


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