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Dai Yun Wu, Yun Ju Tseng


In recent years, the number of stray animals in Taiwan continues to increase. A large stray animal population causes public health, environmental and nuisance problems. The strategy adopted by the government to solve these problems is to capture those animals and keep them in the shelter. If those animals are not adopted in 7 days, they will be euthanized.

As pet lovers, it’s a really sad situation for us. We wondered why people abandon their pets. We want to find out the key insights for stray animal issue. Moreover, we would like to come up with a new solution to improve this situation.


In Taiwan, the changes in living environment or living condition is the most common reason why people give up pets. The changes can be very diverse, including moving, having newborn babies, or breaking up. Another common reason is that the living needs of pets go beyond the owners’ expectations.

But, why do people think giving up animals is the only possible solution? We find out that most people regard pets as tools to resolve loneliness, look after house, or show off. When a tool is not useful or no longer needed, we can always throw it away.
However, pets are not tools. They provide us endless love unconditionally. On the first day they come to our home, they are already our family. We never abandon our kids, why abandon our pets?

So, we design an app specifically for pet owners or expectant pet owners to remind them that pets are our dearest family, and encourage them to interact with their pets and keep all the beautiful moments with pets, just like what they do when they get along with family. Furthermore, we try to help pet owners to solve the pet-related problems they may face in their life.


Users can use this app to find out the perfect pet for themselves through a simple quiz about their residential environment, family members, personality, preference, and so on. Besides, this app also offers tips and guidelines for new owners to help them get ready for having a new pet step by step, and providing alternative solutions for the pet-related problems.

In addition, the keeping and sharing features of this app encourage users to create special memories with pets to earn more badges and keep every sweet moment they spent with pets. With this app, users can take pictures, record videos, keep their traces and write down the funny stories with their pets anywhere and anytime and share with pet lovers around the world. Furthermore, the users can also get advices or useful information from other users’ sharing or check-in records.

We believe that this app helps to reduce the burden of keeping pets and lessen anxiety of new owners. Further, it offers a supportive platform for pet owners to get help when they have problems about their pets. It prevents pet owners from giving up their pets easily.


The interface of Pemory is not only simple and easy to use, but also colorful and fun. We follow the design principles of ios7 and adopt a cute style to develop a flat clean design.

In matching function, users have to answer some questions for looking for their perfect pets. Our mission is to keep it simple, intuitive, and easy to understand. We do not want users feel bored with answering questions. Therefore, we design a series of visually rich and engaging questions for users. Each option of those questions is presented with exquisite illustrations. Answering the questions is as pleasant as reading picture Books.

Regarding the timeline page, we think it is not just a platform for sharing, we consider the page as an archive of the shared memories of users and their pets. So we make the timeline just like their personal world. Besides, we design lots of unique and cute badges to commemorate user’s relationship achievements with their pets.

In addition, we design lots of intuitive interaction for users. For example, users can use pinch/spread gesture to find out useful information in sharing function or drag the other pet on user’s photo to exchange different pet’s timeline.


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