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SAPIENTNITRO: Account Director: Christian Barnard, Technical Director: Michael Leonard, Creative Director: Joel Krieger, Designer: Hadi Seyfi, Project Managers: Matt Mills, Aram Yang, Kirk Richards, Information Architect: Matt Bedette, Lead Developer: Jon Mittelbronn, Developers: Nick Shwaery, Savitha Sharnappa, Director: Shane Ortiz, Creative Director: Joel Krieger, Director of Photography: Shane Ortiz, Video Editor: Shane Ortiz, Producer: Kelle Ortiz, Writers: Zachary Johnson, Joel Krieger; BRIGGO: Jeff Mulhausen: VP Design & Brand, John Craparo: CIO, Kevin Nater: CEO, Chas Studor: CTO, Steve Miller: VP of Engineering; FUSEPROJECT: Yves Behar: Founder/Chief Designer, Josh Morenstein: Creative Director, Gabe Lamb: Senior Industrial Designer, Liam Adelman: Industrial Designer, Curt Collinsworth: Director of Digital and Brand, Evan Sorenstein: Design Lead, Brett Middleton: Design Lead


There’s good coffee everywhere. But the perfect cup is personal. However you take your cup of joe, ‘perfect’ is exactly how you like it. And part of the barista’s craft is making that happen for every customer.

But quality doesn’t always come quickly—especially when you’re waiting for your cappuccino behind a long line of lattes and Americanos. Killer coffee draws a crowd. And that puts a gap between you and your caffeine.


Audience is everyone who loves good coffee. But doesn’t want to wait in a long line at Starbucks. Briggo is targeting customers who appreciate and expect high quality coffee. They are truly a coffee company, source organic beans, roast them locally, and use organic and high quality ingredients.

The kiosk will first be in airports and public places where people are commuting. It saves you time because you can order ahead of time, schedule a pickup time, go right up to the Haus and get your drink immediately. Also, because you can personalize your drink recipe, you can have a consistent cup from location to location. This will never take the place of a physical coffee shop, but fills a gap in the market elsewhere.


When you arrive at the Coffee Haus, tap your name on the queue to pick up your drink. Swipe your credit card or enter your 3-digit PIN, and your drink is served up through the turnstile window. Of course, you can order right from the Coffee Haus as well. Browse the menu. Customize your drink. And complete your order. We’ll even send you a text once your drink is ready.

The Coffee Haus responds to the environment to produce the best cup possible—just like a barista. Temperature, pressure, and weight down to the gram are measured and adjusted to make sure your drink is never anything less than perfect. And like your local barista — with each drink, it gets to know you better. Offering a more personalized experience. You can save your drink as a favorite. Name your drink, and even save the time and location for a one-tap purchase.


Briggo Coffee Haus is a fully automated robotic barista that allows people to order and customize their drinks remotely via their laptop, tablet, or mobile device. To realize this vision, Briggo needed a partner with deep omni-channel retail expertise. Our team immersed themselves in the customer experience, solving complex account flows and multi-channel ordering scenarios. We executed on the design intent — producing comps for mobile, tablet, laptop and kiosk. Ensuring consistency across each device. We then programmed a robust commerce interface. Our developers brought the UI to life—connecting the customer experience to the robotic barista behind the scenes.

The Briggo Coffee Haus is a new way of making coffee that provides a barista quality experience regardless of the time or place. A perfect and personal cup—every time. You can order drinks at anytime and from any location via your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Based on your location, we’ll suggest the nearest Briggo Coffee Haus. Simply browse the menu to find the drink you want. And customize the ingredients based on your taste. Once you’re done, add the drink to your cart and schedule a pickup time. If you’re running late, you can always hit the “snooze” button.


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