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Andrew Allen, Julian Walker, Georg Petschnigg, Jon Harris, John Ikeda


Paper is the simplest and most beautiful way to create on the iPad. It allows you to express your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and instantly share them across the web. Ideas begin on Paper.

Our lives have become driven more and more by empty patterns of consumption. At a time when we face so many real challenges, we find ourselves using the most powerful technology in our history to slingshot birds and update our status.

Yet we all know our most rewarding moments are those we create for ourselves. As people, we have a need to create. It’s our calling to invent, discover, and do our best to leave this place a little better than when we arrived. We have an innate need for creativity.

To be human is to create.


Paper is our own creationa journey we embarked on to bring creativity to the world. Honestly, we can’t imagine a more important quest.

Sure, there have been creative tools for years (we’ve worked on a few in the past ourselves). But they’ve remained largely out of reach for most peoplecomplex graphics applications with menus and settings and sliders that bend you to their will. It shouldn’t be this way.

Creativity shouldn’t require an entry feeit should be freeopen to anyone with a great idea. After all, we are what we create.


We’ve been floored by the response to Paper. Over the past six months, creators around the world have surprised us with millions of creationstravel sketches, new product ideas, comic books, written poetry, and things we never could’ve imagined. Every day, thousands of ideas are shared across the web using Paper. And that puts a big smile on our faces.

Most meaningful to us, however, are the stories we hear from people who never felt they could draw until they picked up Paper.


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