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Niklas Mortensen
Sep 1, 2014
Partnering with the Interaction Design Foundation
The Interaction Awards are delighted to announce a media partnership with The Interaction Design Foundation. Alongside IxDA, the Foundation is one of the most important and well-respected resources for quality open-sourced design education. Together the Interaction Design Foundation and IxDA reach across the globe in a united effort to elevate Interaction Design and User Experience.
Mads Soegaard, Founder and Editor-in-Chief said, “The Interaction Design Foundation whole-heartedly supports IXDA’s Interaction Awards for two main reasons: Firstly, because it is undeniably the best, most well-organized and most prestigious award for great Interaction Design globally. Secondly, because the whole IXDA community works towards advancing Interaction Design as a discipline, which is the reason I have personally supported the IXDA by being the Program Chair for the Interaction14 conference in Amsterdam.”
The partnership is one around a common goal and mission to support initiatives that evangelize what great design can do for humankind. The Interaction Awards and the Foundation approach this mission from different sides with an equal level of ambition that inspires design professionals all over the world. The partnership gives the Interaction Awards a truly global outreach in order to achieve our long-term goal of elevating and celebrating exemplar Interaction Design work from students and professionals around the world.
“We’re thrilled to be involved with The Interaction Design Foundation. Together with the Interaction Awards this partnership will go a long way towards increasing participation and raising public discourse around the state of Interaction Design and User Experience,” said Awards Co-Chairs Janna DeVylder and Niklas Mortensen.
The Interaction Awards sends its heartfelt thanks to The Interaction Design Foundation and their great initiatives.
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