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Niklas Mortensen
Dec 2, 2014
2015 Jury Weekend
We’ve just wrapped up the 2015 Jury Weekend in Copenhagen, and we look back at some truly amazing days with our esteemed group of jurors.
After 10 months of planning and conspiring, the 2015 Interaction Awards Jury gathered at the creative hub that is Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) . Part academic institution, part research facility, consultancy and incubator, CIID has positioned itself as one of the leading forces of interaction design globally. We could not have asked for a better place to stage the fourth installment of the Jury weekend, and we are grateful for the incredible atmosphere and level of detail put into every aspect of our stay.
The diversity of our esteemed jurors, both in geography and disipline created a fantastic dynamic spanning across the whole spectrum of our profession from philosophy and ethnography via service design toward core interaction design. Enterprise, consultancy and academia was equally present to frame the discussion.
The projects elevated by our international panel of 100+ peer reviewers to shortlist status were all examined based on the same four criteria:
  • Opportunity: What opportunity was the project addressing?
  • Audience: Who were you designing for?
  • Impact: What was the impact of the project?
  • Craft: What was the project’s design process?
Looking at each and every project with these lenses enabled the jury to judge a great variation of work based on a unified set of criteria. It was a daunting task we asked of them, and a lot of the time excruciatingly difficult to select the pieces worthy of international recognition, but our amazing Jury was up to the challenge.
If we need to give the work submitted to the 2015 Interaction Awards a theme it can only be described as diverse – both in its application and intent. The quality of the body of entries keeps improving, and in its fourth year, the Awards is delighted to see a continued increase in the amount of work from industries not traditionally associated with Interaction Design, exposing projects and experiences that are not necessary mainstream, but in an of itself important and sometimes critical for their intended audience.
As with previous years, we recognize that we want to see even more work from outside Europe and US, the traditional strongholds of our profession. In order to create a truly global platform for showcasing exemplar work from all over the world this will have a continued focus in evolving the Interaction Awards.
We are looking forward to sharing this years finalists with you come December and hope you will be as excited about the body of work as we are.
Below the class of 2015 Interaction Awards
IxDAwards Jury
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