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Janna DeVylder
Oct 31, 2013
Announcing the 2014 Interaction Awards Shortlist November 10th

We’re mixing things up a bit, with the best of intentions. Instead of announcing the Shortlist on November 1st, we’re going to announce it while at the Jury weekend, on November 10th.

Why? Well, the Jury want to make their jobs even more challenging!

We have a shortlist that emerged from our Peer Review process, conducted by 130 designers, academics and leaders from around the world. The caliber of work entered was astonishing, and drawing the line at 12 per category was incredibly difficult. At the Jury Weekend the 9th-10th of November at Fabrica, our Jury want the opportunity to (potentially) elevate additional entries to the shortlist based on their review of their entire category as a portfolio of work. This means we may see more than 12 entries per category shortlisted, and the Jury can then ensure the shortlist for their category represents the depth and breadth of entries to consider as they narrow to the finalists and winners.

It’s hard to wait, but it means we’ll get to tell even submitters they’ve been shortlisted.




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